The Resonance Effect – A valentines special


In physicsresonance is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at a specific preferential frequency. Increase of amplitude as damping decreases and frequency approaches resonant frequency of a driven damped simple harmonic oscillator.

Okay, let me break it down, so basically, a vibrating object when in close contact with another object, can cause the second object to vibrate at the same frequency as the first, and eventually even a higher frequency.

This is proven when a glass cup breaks when music is played very loud close to it. The cup initially vibrates at the same frequency, but if the volume of sound increases, the glass gives up and shatters.

A wise physicist relates this experiment to how relationships work. The guy gets close to the girl and her heart starts beating at the same frequency as the guy. He pushes a bit further and they feel they are getting stronger but at some point, the girl just cant handle the frequency anymore. Her heart shatters like the glass in experiment 1…


Conversations at 8:45

‘ We have fought too many times already. Who has strength for that right now? That’s hella stressful.’phone-media-24-03-2016-631

But the cheating may not be just gives. It goes deeper. Maybe he is calling another babe his world, his everything. Telling her the things he tells you.

Do you care now?

God forbid.

That’s different. I care about that. If it’s just his body, good riddance, but not his heart; definitely not his heart.

Yeah, but that’s also cheating.

Yeah, but he wouldn’t. He shouldn’t. He should know by now that that will just kill me…

Protect your heart, One day, you will indefinitely die and everything you’ve lived for and felt strongly about in your being will go with your soul. All the things that made you smile and all those that brought you to tears.

you’re young. don’t tie yourself down over comfort. Getting hurt and making mistakes is a part of life.

Don’t hold back. Find love and lose it. Try till you get it.

-Amir A.

The darkness feels pain too

You brought out the wild in me, that fire from deep within I tried so hard to hide.

I was a rare mixed breed you know, something between a rose bush and a python.

My magic lied in the sting of my thorns; my venom flowed when you prick your thumb and spill some blood.

Oh baby come closer and get hurt please, just a little bit at least.

I thrived on your pain; your loss was my greatest gain.

You’ll find me in the storm you see, or amidst the stench of nocturnal activity. I’m your worst nightmare and your greatest tragedy.

Pull me closer and embrace your guilt darling. Engulfed by your deepest fears, don’t you see you are no longer free?

But the rain stopped pouring and the ink stopped flowing. Slowly, I faded away with the aftermath.

The sunshine and rainbow wiped your tears and seized you life. That life taken from me was gift wrapped and placed at your feet.

You were glad, overjoyed, finally all your troubles were over. You shut your eyes to savor the moment.

But you felt my absence and opened one eye to find me gone. You shed a tear for you loved the rollercoaster up down summersault one person tango we seemed to call our life.

I looked down at you as your tears reached my soul and smiled at your ignorance. You wanted peace and you got it but I had to go. For the darkness can’t stand the light.

I was always dead to you anyway.


On New Beginings

Hey guys!

i havent posted anything in a while now, because i’ve been kinda downcast and moody and sad and angry and mad all at once but i gathered my thoughts and emotions together quite recently so lets see just how much of a mess i can be.

my sister died three days after my birthday.

well, technically speaking, she is my cousin, but she was raised by my dad and i grew up around her and we were closer than sisters. i love her to bits and her sweet sweet baby. but through my mourning and pain i learnt so much. its been a journey to recovery and acceptance but i pull through.

today someone said i’m the strongest person they know because of what i’ve been through and i havent broken down. i said that person doesnt know many people then. the strongest person i know is dead now anyway, shit happens, life goes on.

  1. DONT STRESS ABOUT ANYTHING AND DONT ATTACH TOO MUCH IMPORTANCE TO ANYTHING. This is very important. live life one day at a time and live it to the fullest live each day like its your last and keep your thoughts clean and pure. spend your money.
  2. CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WELL. have a small circle if you must have friends at all. you’ll be glad you cut some people off.




Yesterday I sinned.

I shut my mind to the still small voice and opened my eyes to the evils of this world.

There was a battle in my heart and after some time, I singlehandedly ended it by succumbing to the vices of my flesh.

For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the father, but is of the world. (1 John 2:16)

For a brief moment, I had been involved in all my father hates. I loved the world in its entirety. Truly, I should have been doomed.

My shame haunted me. It put up a barrier between me and my maker. I knew to ask for forgiveness, but I was too embarrassed to go before Him. I was fully aware of my vulnerability brought upon by my sins and just like Adam did, when I heard His voice, I hid, because I knew I was filthy.

Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins. (Proverbs 10:12)

But God demonstrated His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)

Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us. (Romans 5:3-5)

You see, I didn’t know at the time, but God had already prepared the antidote for the effect of my sins long before time; His love. He didn’t love me because I was perfect; He loved me because I was a sinner. Because of His love, He could send Christ down to die in my place. And in that, I have hope. Hope that I am not condemned but rather redeemed.

He who covers over an offense promotes love, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends. (Proverbs 17:9)

Has anyone ever condemned you because of a past mistake? Then you know the phrase: “That’s how last time you”… and they proceed to bring up the offense. Well God doesn’t. When His love covers my sin, it truly covers it. Meaning, He never brings it up. It’s forgiven and forgotten.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. (1 John 5:16)

So I come out, with a bold face. I can come before my father unashamed now. I can go on my knees asking for mercy because I have been made perfect in His love. I have no fear. Yesterday I sinned, but today I am forgiven.

Satins over Scars


These bars give one time to think. To reminisce deeply.  Locked up in my minds cell with grief and despair for chains and guards.

You see, I was that girl once. Soft on the eyes and soft to the touch. But there lay a weakness I never knew existed in me; I thought I was fierce as fire, but really I was just a naive 13 year old tossed into the deep sea’s of a world I hardly knew nor understood, with no basic knowledge on how to swim. I was to get tougher I suppose, but unfortunately, I only grew weaker. I didn’t know when people began noticing my blooming stages, my guts and sharp tongue and consequently lusting after me. They planned for me, to steal my pride and dignity, and when I least expected, when all my guards were down, they struck. I was one against many.

Once. My walls were strong, I thought. They were made from the finest straws you see. Oh how little I knew then.

The second time, I knew something was wrong. There were lots of cracks and the wall was beginning to crumble. I was scared but they got stronger and stronger with each attack. I was crying more at this stage, running, and hiding more.

I was scared.

The third time, I was certain I was in trouble because not only had my walls completely given way I had been touched. I was hit hard and the effects were lasting. They broke my walls, broke into my house and stole my sanity. You call them bullies, molesters even, but really they are thieves, because they took most of everything leaving me empty and feeling detached and lost. Armed not with guns or weapons but heartless words and mindless acts these people haunted me for a long time. They got into my safe haven, the solace I had created for myself had been seized. And from then on, each scar on my body got from months of manhandling and torturing was just another trophy to add to their collection.

The battle is first won in your mind though.

I decided to rebrand myself, give myself a new image sort of. I stopped searching for sympathy. I stopped searching for help. I got my release when I stopped embracing my pain. I decided that it wasn’t me! I wasn’t the one to suffer! I told myself I was fine because, well, I was fine.

But I wasn’t home. Not yet anyway. I was only still where they wanted me to be. I had realized I didn’t belong there, in that pit they had dug out carefully for me to make sure I was comfortably unhappy, but I hadn’t really moved yet.

But you know what I did? I talked myself out. Out of my sorrow. Out of my pain. Out of my grief. Out of my despair. Out of that pit. And you can too.

You think you’re a victim, so you remain one. The hard truth is, your being victimized started long before they even touched you. You were already a victim in your mind all they needed to do was sense it. Sense your uncertainty about yourself or low self esteem about something else. And that’s as easy to them as a dog sniffing out food. The fear in your eyes was someone’s next meal, like vampires feed of blood.

Once I realized this, I could make my way home. To where I was truly safe. They say you can never be bitten by the same fly, but that’s a far cry from the truth because flies aren’t known to bite. But sometimes their buzzing can be more annoying than a bite. Why aren’t we scared of flies then? Because we know they can’t bite us, so they don’t.

Treat them like flies. All buzz and no bite. And they wouldn’t bite. But treat them like bees, run at the first sight of them, and you’ll be sporting blisters in no time.

Guess what? On getting home, I realized my walls, were concrete. It’ll take an army to bring that down, and when they come, I’ll be prepared.

Dear whoever, go out, get a fine yard or two of purple satin and put it over all your scars. Purple, for royalty, and satin for quality. Hold your head up high like the royalty you are and walk out ignoring all the flies in your way and you’ll be alright.

If Jesus Was Born In Nigeria…

black Jesus

First of all, if Jesus were to be born in Nigeria, we might never have had christmas because at the end of the day, there might be little or nothing left to celebrate.

Just imagine, Mary and Joseph were Ibo. They reached Seme (the boarders) as expected late because Mary was heavy and she kept on complaining and slowing them down all the way from Abia to Lagos. On getting there, Mary decides she isn’t walking again so Joseph has to look for a place to stay all alone. He finds lots of empty places to stay but ‘Nna mehn, those hotels were just too expensive’ (in thick igbo accent), so in this story, Joseph was the cause of Jesus being born in a farm store house in Yaba. He settles Mary in and sets out to Surulere to buy things for the baby; it just had to be bought last minute even though he had at least 9 months notice he was going to have a baby. Anyway, by he time he was getting out of the friendly neighborhood store which sold everything over the counter, Mary had already told everyone within earshot that she was carrying the Son of God. On the mainland, news travels fast so in actuality, she had told everyone.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Banana Island, the Yoruba Wise men Tayo, Tolu, Demilade, Tife and Gbenro were busy planning how to break another girls heart. They had been out of the star gazing business for over five years after they were engaged in a physical combat with a NEPA official and few days after, a mysterious high voltage that happened only at their headquarters set fire to all their instruments. So you can imagine their surprise when they spotted a star so bright they didnt need any instruments to study. The star started moving almost as soon as they saw it though, so they rushed to follow it, not forgetting their Gold, Myrhh and Frankincense which they were keeping for a special ocassion. However, on getting to the car, they realised there was no fuel due to the fluctuating scarcity, so they had to take a taxi. The traffic they found themselves in started all the way from Lekki round-about and they were stuck, so they paid the taxi driver and decided to continue the journey on foot as the star never stopped for once.

At about the same time the wise men saw the star, some Fulani herdsmen who were resting at Santa Cruse beach in Ajah were awoken by a choir of angels. They did not of course understand much of what was being said, but they still agreed to go. The few who were very adamant on not going, obliged when they had confirmed there would be more than enough party rice and drinks. They all then got the address and set off.

At this time, Mary was experiencing some serious labor pains. Her shouts could be heard from miles away and some neighbors had even began to complain about the disturbance. She was yelling profanities in Igbo and frankly, Joseph was a bit embarrassed so he decided to go to a nearby bar and get a drink. Not too long after, a baby’s cry was heard, sounds of jubilation and almost immediately, there was a power outage. It took a while for the generator to come on, but as soon as it did, Joseph rushed to his wife’s side. As he entered the room, he noticed a crowd and lots of commotion and at the very center was a very distressed Mary in tears. After much enquiries, he found out the baby was stolen during the power outage.

He immediately organized a search party, and Mary who had just given birth got a supernatural burst of energy and jumped up to lead the search party which included everyone but those cooking the jollof rice because really, they couldn’t risk the rice not being ready.

Joseph called the police, but they said: 1. They couldn’t come because they didn’t have enough fuel, 2. At least 24 hours was needed before a missing person’s report could be filed, and 3. Even after 24 hours, the report wouldn’t be recognized because technically, the baby wasn’t a passport holding citizen yet.

Anyway, by now, Tayo, Tolu, Demilade, Tife and Gbenro had gotten to Third mainland bridge. It was late and the bridge was deserted. As they neared the mouth of the bridge, they were confronted by 5 armed men who robbed them of all their valuables including the Gold, Myrhh and Frankincense. Still shaken, they made their way to a police station nearby and went in immediately to report the attack. When the constable came out, Tolu noticed he was wearing the gold wristwatch that just got stolen from him. It then dawned on the wise men that the constables were also part time robbers, so after a lot of bargaining, they came to a compromise. the constables returned their ATM cards, licences, gold, myrhh and frankincense and the wise men kept their mouths shut about everything else. They reluctantly agreed, and went on their way.

The wise men kept on following the star, but the star had by this time changed course unknowingly to them. Before they knew it, they had gotten to a very remote part of Ikeja. The star was taking them deeper and deeper away from familiarity and into a place they never even knew existed before then. Just when they were about to give up and turn around, they got to a shrine. They went in (fearless as they were) and saw what looked to be a ritual setup but the priest was dead and a baby was lying peacefully in the corner so they took the baby and continued following the star till at last they came to the farmhouse.

As they neared the farmhouse, they started hearing shouts of ‘Ole’ and ‘thief, thief!’. They were very confused, and before they knew t a mob had formed around them. The baby and gold, myrhh and frankincense were snatched from them, and they were given no time to explain; tires were burnt and they were burnt alive.

Oh, were you expecting a happy ending of some sort?

God looked into the future and saw what would happen if somehow, Jesus was born in Nigeria. Aside from trying to avoid the killing of innocent souls, mob attacks, and the jump-starting of Jesus’ ministry, He really didn’t want to send his only son down here. So Jerusalem it was.





I didnt eat dinner.

This isnt working.

I feel like i’m falling into a pit of nothingness and i cant stop.



Fall iin ng…

It was just the day before you left. Everything was normal except i was feeling sick. I hugged you and smiled but i broke down inside. I didnt want you to leave. You said you would be back for dinner though so i was fine.

We had breakfast together, but you werent around for dinner, so i didnt eat.

The next day you didnt show up as well. Then i became worried.

Everyone said you were fine, but i wasnt sure so i called.

Rrrring (pause)
Rrrring (pause)
Rrrrrrrring !!

You didnt answer. I went to bed promising to try again the next day.

I didnt eat dinner.

The next day i called again.
Rrrring (pause)
Rrrring (pause)
Rrrrrrrring !!

But again i got no reply.

I didnt eat dinner.

By this time everyone was worried. They went to find you, but returned without luck.

I’m weak and lean as i’ve missed three dinners already.

I am tired.


Just come back to me

I didnt eat dinner.

I was forced to go to school the next day but when i got back i wished i never did.

There were police vans and different cars i didnt recognize parked in our yard.

How could i eat dinner?


Thats what they said. But they were only lying. You went out and just hadnt returned; you werent missing, right?

I didnt eat dinner.


I remember screaming, yelling, throwing things and smashing things.

But i dont remember eating dinner.

Blood, the stench of death engulfed the park.

I puked when i saw you.

What they did to you.

I will never forgive them, they stole you from me !

I. Couldnt.  Eat. Dinner.


That was your favorite coulor.
You were always cheerful and smiling andd bubbly, but not anymore.

Now, now, you’re just…


I didnt eat dinner.

How could i? The thought of you alone is enough to drive me to suicide. I cant eat. You always fed me during dinner.

You said i was a princess and shouldnt even be feeding myself.


I loved you.

I wish i had said it more though

Now that you’re gone.

They said you loved me too but i didnt believe them.


I cried

But i didnt eat dinner.

Now i am a mess; its been 5 years and i still dont eat dinner.

Its just too much


I didnt eat dinner.

Nuggets- On overthinking.


Have we ever condidered for a minute that maybe, just maybe humpty dumpty was pushed?

Or maybe he was the king’s favorite so the king’s horses and king’s men plotted against him?!

They probably even fried him after! 


Although, the rhyme never states that humpty was an egg, illustrators just assumed he was and its been the same ever since. For all we know he could’ve been a glass box or maybe even a clay pot.

But the point is, i dont know. And i might never know really so why stress myself overthinking? This is just one question out of many that has billions of possibilities any one we settle on will just be an assumption.


Overthinking kills. Especially when there is nothing we can do about a particular issue. Yes, it will be nice to have some answers but if we dont, we dong and we should learn to accept that.

Lots of life’s problems come to us in form of nursery rhymes that gives little insight.

Children who love these rhymes do not think twice; they take it as it is. We should try and do the same.


Worrying less would save you a lot and if you are attentive, you’ll notice that things will sort themselves out on their own.
                             – D T